Sunday, August 4, 2013

Help restoring my Windows 7 after boot failure and mysterious appearance of grub rescue> prompt?

Before we get started, I want to clarify I love Ubuntu, and Linux and all that Jazz. I know how passionate those with the expertise to help are about this. :D

The issue involved my BF3 machine (this is how I will refer to the box as I don't want to mention the unmentionable) which just up and stopped booting. In addition, I'm being dumped to a grub rescue> command prompt in terminal. Curiously, this is a relatively fresh install of, ahem, BF3 and all other required unmentionables; and I've made no attempts to dual boot or run Ubuntu in VM.

The issue I believe is that due to drastically reduced space on my development boxes SSD, I had to play musical chairs with the two 120GB and one 60GB drives to give my Ubuntu box much needed head room. I fear I failed in my due diligence and let Windows installation handle the task of removing and creating the required partitions and MBR when building out the new instance of my BF3 box.

Weirdly, the BF3 machine worked great for about 6 months and then whamo. I've attempted to use the system repair tools provided on the installation cd, including fixmbr, fixboot and so forth. I also booted to LiveCD and ran the tools provided through Boot Repair and OS Uninstaller from Yann Ubuntu repos with no luck. Still get dumped in same grub rescue>

Any help would be appreciated... as much as I love my Ubuntu, a man has GOT to get his game on!


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