Monday, July 29, 2013

Grant Brings Interdisciplinary Green Building Program To Atlanta University

Clark Atlanta University (CAU) recently announced that it was the recipient of a grant that promotes conservation, environmental protection and restoration. The ?Building Green Initiative? grant was established in 2010 by the?United Negro College Fund (UNCF)?to advance sustainability at minority-serving institutions. Now, CAU will use the grant to?transform 20th?century campus infrastructures into living, learning laboratories, and educate the green building innovators of tomorrow.

College campuses are like miniature cities. They have their a resident population, infrastructure, and economy. Often, colleges and universities can be an ideal setting for testing new technologies because results gathered their can be extrapolated to society at large. Always motivated to save money, these campuses also a great place to implement green building techniques, since students are always willing to experiment with things that are new and different.

The Initiative works with the U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Department of Interior and other governmental agencies to educate minority-serving institutions?about doing business with the federal government, producing and promoting webinars on energy efficiency, renewable energy technology and various environmental sustainability topics.

Not willing to waste a moment of opportunity, CAU has already proposed the building of?a state-of-the-art living, learning energy lab at that would house the Clark Atlanta Center for Alternative, Renewable Energy, Technology and Training.

The design includes ?laboratories and support facilities for research in energy, materials, biotechnology,?computational science and engineering as well as several multipurpose facilities such as a museum, reading and lecture rooms, and a greenhouse that would be open to the public. The museum would include a Climate Theater a concept advanced by the Climate Institute that incorporates hands-on, community-based, expo-style exhibits that will educate the community about climate change,? explains Climate Neutral Campus.


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